A Guide On How To Write APA Papers, Types of APA Papers

Your teacher may ask you to use APA format in essay or research paper writing. All you need to do is follow the instructions and do as requested. Several students find challenges when asked to use this type of writing style. You also need to familiarize yourself with the various types of APA papers. This has been discussed here and you have no reason to worry.

Types of APA papers

There are two major types of APA custom papers. As a student, you need to know each of them so that you have adequate information on what you are dealing with. These two include the literature review and the experimental report. They are basically based on the type of discipline that you may want to base it.

Literature review

This is simply a brief review of a given scientific literature. One major example in this category is a student’s research paper. In most of the disciplines especially those that are science based, you will be forced to employ this type. Therefore, you must know the rules and guidelines that you need to adhere to so that you do not craft wrong details.

Experimental report

Unlike the literature review type, the experimental type of APA paper is normally crafted when one is dealing with a social science. For instance, if you are crafting a geography research paper, you may use this type. Here, you do not normally give facts but theories that are later proven. This is however more complex than the above type. It should clearly show why the topic is important and the various ways you intend to use in solving the problems.

What are the rules for writing an APA paper?

APA is simply just like any other format that we normally use in literature. Report writing may be in APA if your teacher or institution instructs you do use it. However, if no guidelines are given, you should first confirm this from the professor. All you need to do is learn the rules which are specific to APA so that you do not confuse your readers. You must make them understand that you really know what you are penning down in order to give you more marks. Consider the following.


As a matter of fact, you should provide adequate spacing between words. The best way to do this is making sure you compose the entire paper before you can format a double spacing. If you do this manually, you may end up confusing yourself and the readers.

Margin spacing

In writing a research paper in APA format, you must provide a one inch spacing from the left margin. This is normally done when you are moving from one paragraph to the next. Make sure you have done the right spacing. This is also not done manually because you may mess up. There is an automatic formatting button on your keyboard that allows you press one inch margin. This is named’ Tab.’ This normally pressed once. Therefore, every time you want to make a transition, use the button to leave this spacing.

The font

APA allows use any font that is clear and easier to read. As you know, your computer displays multiple fonts. However, you can choose to use a default font provided by your machine. This is normally clear and universally accepted. Avoid those fonts that may be difficult to read.

Font size

Just like the font type, you are allowed to make a selection of the most reliable font size. Do not go for one that is too large or extremely small letters. Choose an average font size.

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